Cut your Cost-to-Hire and Time-to-Hire is not a national service and never will be, it's a service dedicated to meeting the needs of Sussex.

The unique, service is specifically designed to help you cut both your time to hire and your costs to hire.

Last month, over 30,000 local people a day visited our sites to search for a job and we generated a new application for a job every 12 seconds.

We understand that recruiting good local candidates to fill posts is a constant challenge for many Sussex businesses and that advertising to an ever greater pool of ever less suitable candidates is rarely the answer. We instead focus on offering a truly local service which candidates looking for a local job can trust and which recruiters know will generate a good flow of well-matched CV's.

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We work closely with local companies and agencies to tune our service to the specific needs of the Sussex jobs market; unlike most other jobs boards,

  • Our location based searches are more granular and more accurate than simple national searches;
  • Our Industry categories use Sussex terms which make sense to local, Sussex jobs seekers
  • Our 'Top Searches' reflect what local, Sussex people are searching for.

The result is a service which local Sussex jobs seekers rely on to find a local job in Sussex.

For recruiters the service will generate a better flow of quality candidates for your vacancies, more quickly and more reliably than services with less local searching.

So ... using our service means that you can fill your vacancy more quickly, you can avoid the costs, hassle and time associated with generating and then reviewing large numbers of unsuitable applications and you will recruit candidates who are more likely to stay.

It's simple, really. If you need to find or fill a job in Sussex, use a local, Sussex jobs boards specifically designed for Sussex.